Employment Opportunites with Endless Options



Thank you for your interest in employment with Endless Options.  The first step in possible employment with us is to complete our online form which allows you to share your interest in part time employment  . Access INTEREST FORM HERE: click here to submit through the website. 


Check out our Job Openings (in menu panel to the left) to see if there is an openning to fit your needs or location.  Please submit your interest above, even if there is not a job at this time, we will keep it on file for future reference. Submitting this information is a preliminary process which allows you to let Endless Options know you would be interested in working with us. It is not a job offer.


Once we receive your information, it will be processed for requirements including location, availability and most importantly experience working with people with developmental disabilities. If all of the above criteria have been met you could be contacted by the HR department so further information can be gathered. Thank you again.

The following positions are offered through Endless Options: 



  • Technicians must have completed a high school diploma or GED (as proof of this you must submit a copy of your diploma.  In lieu of this, we will accept copies of your higher education including AA, Bachelors, and Masters degrees, etc.)
  • Must have reliable transportation, pass a criminal background check and be both responsible and reliable.
  • Salary starts at between $13.50 and $15 per hour based on your experience and educational background. 
  • Must have at least 100 hours of experience working, volunteering or learning about adults and/or children with special needs. Having a family member who has a development disability may qualify as experience.


Please remember this is a part time position and your hours will be based on the families needs.


      To let Endless Options know of your interest, please complete our interest information and potentially submit a resume to us by clicking here.

Family Consultant

  • Certified as a psychologist, special educator, or speech therapist OR licensed as a pscychologist, certified social worker, speech therpist, professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, or occupational therapist OR Nationally certified as a board certified behavior analyst.


  • An individual with a master's or doctorate degree from and accredited university in special education or a related field AND have at least 5 years experience providing training and consulting in the area of autism spectrum.


  • Family trainers must have relevant experience related to behavior intervention to support maintaining the client safely in the home. They are responsible for developing and implementing Intensive Individualized Support Service treatment plan goals and supporting staff. In addition, they create Family Training treatment plan goals to support the family specifically.


  • Starting pay for Family Trainer positions is $45 per hour.




Our company provides the opportunity for individuals to learn more about the field of autism by offering internships to college students.


  • The internship is typically set up through the student's school or degree program
  • Interns are expected to commit at least one day per week for mainly day time, week day work with occasional evening or weekend events
  • The internship is an unpaid experience but may lead to a paid part time position in one of the above job openings
  • We welcome applications for students in Education, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Human Services


      To Apply Now, please forward your resume to us by clicking here.



We also provide the opportunity for individuals to volunteer through our company in order to learn more about the field of autism or to gain experience that is needed to work in the field.


  • Volunteers can choose how often they will work based on the amount of experience they are looking to get
  • Volunteers are not paid, however once they have received over 100 hours of experience and meet all of the other qualifications they may apply for a paid part time position in one of the above job openings


      To Apply Now, please forward your resume to us by clicking here.

All applicants must be team players who are able to articulate their beliefs in a professional manner so the team can facilitate a consensus based on the best interest of our clients.



Criminal Background Check
State law requires all applicants to undergo a criminal background check through fingerprinting with CJIS. This consists of completing both a state and federal background review. If you have undergone a criminal background check in the last 180 days, you may complete a criminal justice form that authorizes C.J.I.S. to release a copy of that report to Endless Options LLC. Please call management to request form and review procedures.



Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.