Resources beyond Endless Options

Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services

Autism Speaks Grants

Autism Speaks provides a variety of grants throughout the year. Please visit the link below to apply for their resources.


Family Services Grants

Etsy Resource store for Communication books & other items

One of our staff has started a business on Etsy: 

JD Unique Expressions


They are selling weighted blankets and personalized picture communication needs (ex: magnetic first thens, magnetic schedules, communication books....).  We wanted to let you know in case you are in need of these items because they are selling them for much cheaper then other sites that you will find online.  They can make blankets with more weight then they have advertised or with other patterns of fabric for an extra $5.  Their 4lb weighted lap blankets are $20 and the larger 8lb weighted blankets are $40. 


To visit the website click here

Do You Need Bloodwork Done for you Child?

If you get bloodwork routinely done for your child, one of our parentsfound this office in Howard County.  She says it is amazing- and one tech in particular is just spectacular.  She told me that they do service a lot of children on the spectrum and are definitely well equipped for it.
Lab Corp on Old Annapolis Road, Ellicott City, MD.  The tech's name is Everett.  Everett is 6'3 and a quiet and strong giant but cool as a cucumber. If you tell them that your child is autistic with aggression issues that will help speed things up some.

The Parents' Place of Maryland

The Parent's Place is a Maryland nonprofit organization that provides information to Maryland familes of children with all disabilities and special health care needs.  They are the statewide Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and the Family-to-Familiy Health Information Center.


How Parents' Place can help:

  • Individual assistance is provided over the phone and in-person to families who have questions about their child's needs such as special education and health care access.
  • Workshops for parents and professionals take place on an ongoing basis throughout Maryland.
  • Resources such as information packets and fact sheets are available on a variety of relevant topics.

They have a calander of events that show not only their events, but other events in the area that may be helpful to our parents and/or staff.


View their website:

Social Group for teens with Autism

Started by one of our own clients

Please visit the Disability Express website by clicking on the link below learn more about a former client's social group for teens with disabilities, including Autism.


The Disability Express Group

Window decals available for parents with autistic children

Thank you to one of our parents for advising us of the window decals that are available for parents with autistic children. It can alert an emergency personnel of the presence of an autistic individual and the fact that that individual may not respond to verbal commands. This could be a very useful tool to have in your car and in your home. 


Click here to view the website to purchase your decal

Information on getting a free iPad

Click on the links below to get information and resources to enter to get a free iPad for your child. The links include information and website links to help you in your endeavor.


click here to go to



Special Needs Planning

"M&L Special Needs Planning is dedicated to creating simplicity with the complex journey of special needs. It is our vision to be the known resource and go-to company for special needs life plans, government benefit counseling, life insurance needs, housing and seminar presentations."

Website Link

Online Autism Training (AIM)

Explore Modules Covering a Variety of Topics


AIM is designed to provide high-quality information and professional development for anyone who supports, instructs, works with, or lives with someone with autism. Each module guides you through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, a glossary, and much more. AIM modules are available at no cost.


Autism Internet Modules

Aid for parent who have children wandering off

New resource available to aid family with elopement issues.


Aware Website