Endless Options consist of many professionals within your community who will combine their efforts and experiences to develop methodologies and strategies that will help your child develop new skill sets.


Our Family Consultants consist of special educators, counselors and other professionals who are highly energetic and actively working in their fields.


Our Supervisors have at least a master’s degree in a related field to education and multiple years of experience with the Autistic population.


Technicians are members of your community who have both the interest and experience in working with children with Autism




Endless Options can offer you...

  •  A well developed and complete in-home program
  •  Methodologies and Curriculum 

           individualized for your child’s needs

  •  Competent, Well-trained, Caring Staff
  •  Professionally Trained and Certified Management
  •  A strength-based approach
  •  Faced with a challenge we can offer strategies and support
  •  Owned and Operated by a Parent dealing with the challenges of raising an Autistic Child
  •   Let us be a resource for your Autism needs and questions