Our Philosophy

It has always been our belief that the best place for a child is in their home environment. This belief is the guiding principle of Endless Options.


All children should be provided every opportunity to become a functioning member of both the family unit as well as society. 

Our Goal is to...

keep the family unit together and running as smoothly as possible.  We believe that every child can succeed given an opportunity and the individualized instructional program they need. We know that all Autistic people are intelligent and should be treated as such.

Endless Options will...

lend its knowledge and skills to developing and maintaining successful program strategies that will maximize a child's potential to learn.


Through the designing and refining of specific tasks and goals agreed upon by the family, other support agencies and Endless Options, progress can and will be seen in the quality of life for both the child and the family.

Endless Options will act in good faith partnership with all agencies involved with children on our caseload to maximize their chances for success.