Services We Provide

Intensive Individualized Support Service ( IISS )


IISS services are designed to provide instruction on a scheduled basis to children with autism in the areas of communication, functional academics, community, daily living, socialization, recreation and independence. Once goals have been approved by the family one or several technicians will be trained to work on the specific methodologies developed for each goal to be addressed within your home or in the community.


A supervisor will work directly and indirectly with the technician or technicians to provide guidance on an as-needed basis. In addition to providing direct training and support the supervisor shall be the family liason between the home and Endless Options.


Family Consultation Role


It is the role of the family consultant to provide support and training strategies to a family in a variety of areas such as behavioral management techniques, communication strategies, functional academic goals and  other needs specific to that family. Once identified, the needs are written in goal format with specific methodologies and strategies clearly described. It is these methodologies and strategies that will provide the foundational structure for changes to occur. The family consultant will meet directly with the family monthly to assess progress and modify strategies as needs arise. It is our belief that working directly with the family on specific needs can have a profound influence on current family dynamics when everyone involved has the needs of the child as their ultimate goal.


Respite Care


Respite services are provided as a short-term care for the child allowing all or part of the family to participate in activities outside of the home. Respite care provides childcare and is not meant to be goal oriented and data driven. Respite care providers provide direct support on an as-needed basis and are monitored directly and indirectly by management. Respite care is limited to the child's home and community and cannot be provided in the employee's home.